TSG is a provider of Technical Services and Consultation to the Telecommunications Industry. 

Company Profile

We are a group of experienced Telecom Professionals specializing in Outside Plant and Loop Technology.  Our team provides consulting and technical services to the Telecom Equipment Supplier, as well as to LEC, CLEC, RBOC, and IEC companies.  For the Telecom Equipment Supplier, our services range from product introduction and field evaluation, to customer training and deployment.  We help the Telecom Equipment Supplier better understand loop technology applications.   Service offerings are focused on cost control and improving operational performance.  

Our installation and maintenance division provides RT Power equipment installation and cut-over, inside wiring installation and maintenance as well as other equipment installation and maintenance services.

A message from our President...

 Thank you for taking this opportunity to visit us on the web.  We have been in business since 2002 and have  extensive experience in the Telecommunications Industry.  We have expertise ranging from cable placing and splicing to loop technology.  Our focus is DLC, NGDLC, Fiber Optic Multiplexers, T1 Span and Design, Protection Engineering, Application Engineering, Remote Terminal (RT) Power Engineering, and RT Reserve Power (Battery).  Through our relationship with Eltek Valere (formerly Valere Power) we can offer a wide variety of DC power solutions.  We have experts in RT Emergency Restoration and Preparedness, Data Collection, PCN Implementation, and RT Proactive Maintenance.    

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.  

Kenneth Hurst

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